Step Inside a World of Design Brilliance with Tom Dixon
Our EIC Maria reflects on the impressive career of designer Tom Dixon.

I feel so fortunate to share that I had the pleasure of meeting the creative genius himself, Tom Dixon, in my hometown of Melbourne last week. Through a fascinating talk, he confirmed what most of us already knew: His curiosity and passion for design are contagious, and his life journey is truly inspiring.

In his delightful (and a little dark) British humour, Tom told us how he first started working with metal scraps to create his first chair, which he admits was hazardous yet authentic. Even though his early work was preliminary, it provided a solid foundation for understanding materiality, form, function, and how these need to come together to create a beautifully designed piece. Above all, though, the self-taught designer emphasised the importance of creating with your hands.

With design concepts going from these fundamental rules to the refined products we know and love, it’s clear that Tom Dixon's design prowess is truly awe-inspiring. From furniture to lighting and home accessories, his creations perfectly blend simplicity and style. He’s won numerous awards and his works are showcased in museums and galleries worldwide, making him one of the greatest designers across the globe.

Despite all his impressive achievements, though, Tom's humility and authenticity are what truly set him apart. He is incredibly passionate about pushing the boundaries of design and addressing global challenges, all of which shines through in his work. In fact, that ethos is underscored by his latest and possibly most unconventional concept: an underwater factory that regenerates coral and develops a new concrete-like product for furniture-making.

Ultimately, it's Tom's fearless approach that I adore and find most extraordinary. By constantly thinking outside the box and breaking the rules, he creates versatile, modern, distinctly unique products that are totally captivating.

Who knows what other innovative ideas this design genius has up his sleeve? One thing is for sure – the world eagerly awaits his next move.

On a closing note, I leave you with this wonderful quote from his latest campaign, CHOICE:

This year we want MORE. Much Much More. More colour, more variations, more unexpected combinations in floor lamps and chandeliers, table tops and textiles to give our design aficionados a deeper, wider palette of opportunities to help build perfect interiors. More flexibility in where we can illuminate and how we design is why we call this year CHOICE. The essential skill in the construction of special spaces requires judicial choices. So, we worked and worked to open up the collection to this unexpectedly vast series of possibilities.

Visit Living Edge in Melbourne to see Tom Dixon's latest designs.

Maria Ugrinovski

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Step Inside a World of Design Brilliance with Tom Dixon